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Fixed Prosthodontics Course

Fixed Prosthodontics Course
“from conventional to new approaches”

Curso de Prótese Fixa _Do convencional às novas abordagens_ Clínica CPRO (2ª EDIÇÃO 2022)J
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Curso de Prótese Fixa do convencional ás novas abordagens Clínica CPRO (2022).jpg
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Course Calendar

Calendário DO CURSO_edited.png

Fridays: 14:00h to 18:30h.

Saturdays: 09:30h to 13:30h / 14:30h to 18:30h.

General objectives

Enable the trainee to diagnose, plan and execute the fixed prosthesis based on concepts and techniques


with scientific technical proof.

Applied Methodology


The course will be taught in a theoretical-practical perspective where the trainee will receive theoretical classes on

the respective modules and a pre-clinical orientation about them.

Clinical demonstrations will also be held, as well as patient care.

Program Content and Credit Hours

  • Module I - How to diagnose, prepare and maintain patients with FPP

  • Module II - Dental preparations for prosthetic purposes


  • Biomechanical Principles

  • Techniques, materials and equipment

  • Module III - Fixed Prosthesis in Endodontically Treated Teeth

  • Selection of Materials

  • Techniques

  • Endodontic treatment with prosthetic purpose

  • Module IV - Fixed Prosthesis in Aesthetic Restoration

  • Ceramic Systems​

  • Non-invasive techniques

  • Module V - Provisional fixed prosthesis


  • Direct and indirect Materials and Techniques

  • Module VI - Fixed Prosthesis: "how to mold accurately"

  • Available Materials and Techniques

  • Conventional X Digital

  • Module VII - Fixed Prosthesis: Cimentation

  • Cimenting Agents

  • Protection of the dentin-pulp complex

  • Techniques

  • Module VIII - New ceramic and non-ceramic systems for manufacturing FPP

  • Feldespathic

  • Zirconia

  • Lithium Disilicate

  • Hybrid

  • Machining and metal deposition

  • Module IX - Static and Dynamic Occlusion in Fixed Prosthesis

  • Precision occlusal registrations

  • Semi-adjustable articulators

  • Binomial form – function

  • Total credit hours: 110h


Dentists who wish to update their knowledge in the field of Fixed Prosthodontics.

Training Methodologies

In addition to the exposition of contents by the Trainer, audiovisual support will be used to present the theoretical sessions referring to all the chapters indicated in the Course Program.

Demonstrative practical sessions will be held, followed by active sessions (laboratory and pre-clinical), to be developed by the participants, as well as the monitoring of their clinical cases, where aspects ranging from planning to execution and maintenance will be analyzed.
For clinical sessions, each participant is asked to cooperate in attracting patients, so that we can have a broader range of cases.

Forms of Organization

Classroom training.

Logistic Spaces and Requirements

  • Room with good light, ventilation, temperature and isolated from disturbing noises for proper functioning;

  • Space equipped with all the necessary teaching resources (flipchart, LED TV, and all the practical material needed for training);

  • Furniture that respects the ergonomics rules of trainers and trainees;

  • Space wide enough to allow for the realization of group dynamics and the arrangement of tables in “T”, in order to facilitate communication;

  • Space supported by living areas, cafeteria;

  • Easy access location;

  • Space whose cleaning is ensured daily .

Material and Pedagogical Resources

  • Automatic device for handling molding materials

  • Greenhouse for anestubes

  • Water bath

  • Computer and Monitor

  • Accessory Kit

  • X-Ray and RVG Gendex System

  • Viewbox

  • Various Molding Materials

  • Stock trays

  • Materials for obtaining intra-oral records

  • Basic clinical instruments (mirror, probe, tweezers, carpule, aspirator, scissors)

  • Gingival retraction cords + hemostatic

  • Denture laboratory benches with plaster vibrator, vacuum spatulator, polishing motor and steam jet

  • Triple module with syringe, micromotor and high-speed turbine.

  • Pre-clinical workstation with materials and equipment for practical classes: model, drills (various), articulator, tweezers, powder and duralay liquid, rubber bowls, insertion spatula

  • Prosthesis laboratory with support machines for the manufacture of crowns and bridges; pre-heating oven; ring casting furnace, electronic induction furnace for casting metal alloys; aluminum oxide jet and plaster cutter, steam jet, polishing lathe

  • Countertop for applying ceramics with ultrasound; Criox appliance and DeKema Austromat oven for firing and injection of ceramics and so on.

Supporting Documentation

  • Keynote presentations;

  • Documentation related to the field of dentistry, such as specialty scientific articles and practical cases.

Course Coordinator

Curso de Prótese Fixa
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