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Testimonials from Patients

"I only attest to the competence, professionalism and responsiveness of the services they provide me, for almost 20 years. And what more can I say, without running the risk of repeating myself? I can thank you for the work that was provided and wish you good health to the whole team, so that I can continue to enjoy this excellent service.
Of course, here and now, I want to praise the knowledge and why not the skill of Professor Doctor Genilson da Silva Neto. I offer you my best regards"

Victor P.

"The competence, high professionalism and good disposition of Dr. Genilson and Sandra are synonymous with an excellent final result. Highly recommended clinic! "

Amadeu R.

"I already had a good smile, but with Dr. Genilson I got the best smile. This is thanks to the perfectionism and detail of the Dr. in the planning and execution of my dental restructuring."


Sofia S.

"I hereby thank Prof. Dr. Genilson da Silva Neto and his team for the professionalism, competence and rigor with which they were attended to. The clear way in which they clarified all the steps of the process and the immense care since the first consultation, contributed to a very good final result! Thank you for your excellent work."


João M.


"I want to thank, especially Prof. Dr. Genilson Neto, for all his dedication and commitment in treating my case. It was the product of a lot of work, combined with professionalism and the use of high quality techniques and materials, perfectly suited to the case, which led to the achievement of an outstanding final result. It is a pleasure to meet someone who, due to their commitment and dedication, always seeks to obtain the best results.

José A.

"At the age of eighty I found myself in a situation where I had to make restorations to my incisors every 15 days, of having to break the bread with my hands before putting it in my mouth, because it was unthinkable to take a bite, i put my hand in front of my mouth when I laughed or talked and also from going to the 3rd removable prosthesis for the molars that it didn't adapt to. The psychological wear was permanent because I was eating a meal carefully and suddenly "the tooth was gone...".

On the advice of my stomatologist, I made an appointment with Dr. Genilson da Silva Neto, who, after studying with panoramic radiography, presented me with a detailed budget for the 2 jaws. The clinical situation was serious, the amount of the budget presented required some sacrifice… However I learned that Dr. Genilson had successfully intervened with a colleague of mine, his wife and my Assistant Physician (the world is very small…). I ended up, weighing pros and cons, going forward and asking Dr. Genilson to treat me.

The treatment plan was followed "to the letter" with great professionalism, prior explanation in all interventions, delicacy, competence and speed with a sympathy that always left me calm and in a good mood when I finished the treatments, I must mention the pampering and your assistant's patience.

The intervention ended about a year ago, there were no surprises in terms of budget or timing. The Big Surprise was the quality of life I acquired at this age.
I can eat, laugh, laugh without worrying about shocking people with the way my mouth looks!

I am confident, because I know that if there is any problem, I call and I am promptly answered, and at least every 6 months I am observed to avoid any deterioration.

Best regards Dr. Genilson

M. Celeste Barbosa

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