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Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric Dentistry - The first contact with the Dentist

The first experience with a dentist is of fundamental importance in the lives of all of us.

Usually, this first contact takes place still in a child or in the adolescent phase, where the dentist-patient relationship is established.

It is absolutely important that this experience takes place in a climate of total trust, and that positive communication is established between everyone involved.

Otherwise, fears and phobias will accompany patients into adulthood, making it difficult or even preventing necessary treatments.

The guidance of parents / educators on the importance of "milk teeth", basic oral hygiene care, as well as the prevention of caries and gum disease are the main focuses to be taken into account.

For this, regular consultations with the dentist must be established and procedures such as: topical application of fluoride, application of sealants, or even the restoration of decayed teeth, are essential care to ensure health and a stable permanent dentition.


"I just attest to the competence, professionalism and responsiveness of the services they provide me for almost 20 years."

— Victor, P



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