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Dental Occlusion

Dental Occlusion and its Biomechanics

Dental occlusion is a term that characterizes the relationships of the upper teeth with the lower ones, that is, how they articulate and move with each other.

When this joint is satisfactory, we verified a stabilization of the dental arches, (and therefore better aesthetics), in addition to enhancing the comfort of the chewing muscles and facial expression.

However, we often find patients with difficulties in chewing and/or opening their mouth properly.

Still others have premature wear of their teeth (Bruxism), headaches, noise in the temporomandibular joints (TMJ), among others.

Patients who present these signs and symptoms must be evaluated by a specialist in the field of Occlusion for a correct diagnosis, treatment and maintenance of their clinical case.


"I just attest to the competence, professionalism and responsiveness of the services they provide me for almost 20 years."

— Victor, P



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