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Oral Prevention

Oral Prevention and its Importance

An Oral Prevention appointment is the most effective way to preserve good oral health, as well as to identify early on the appearance of oral diseases that can be treated through the use of simpler and less invasive techniques.

The preventive methods we have at our disposal allow us to motivate our patients to new behaviors with regard to their oral hygiene. In this way, Oral Prevention is the safest strategy and the basis for the success of any and all treatments, thus resulting in longer lasting results with less cost for the patient.

Gum inflammation (gingivitis) and dental caries are the diseases that most affect the world population. However, gingivitis, being a chronic disease, goes unnoticed by most patients and can, with its evolution (Periodontitis), lead to tooth loss.

In the Oral Hygiene and Physiotherapy consultation, you will have at your disposal a complete program of diagnosis, treatment and prevention of oral diseases:

  • Patient Orientation and Motivation for Oral Hygiene and Physiotherapy issues;

  • Screening through Radiological Examination;

  • Coronoradicular Scaling and Straightening;

  • Desensitization of sensitive teeth;

  • Remineralization of Precarious Lesions;

  • Treatment of Halitosis (bad breath);

  • Prevention of Oral Cancer.

Clínica de Prevenção e Reabilitação Oral


"I just attest to the competence, professionalism and responsiveness of the services they provide me for almost 20 years."

— Victor, P



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