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Students Testimonies



“I think that Dr. Genilson in his professional journey has created a very understandable and accurate view of oral rehabilitation.”

André Chen, Dentist

"The course came to update, improve and enrich the knowledge about Fixed Prosthodontics technique that I already practiced in my clinic."

Ana Chin, Dentist


“The course was very didactic and practical.”


Diana Correia, Dentist



“During the course, nothing is left to chance and we systematize all the rules so that the final result is perfect.”

Mariana Pinheiro, Dentist




“When we think about acquiring knowledge and providing a quality service for our patients, we imagine that a professional training center gives us guarantees that the financial and time investment will be rewarded, however, this is not always what we find.

That said, I recommend to all colleagues that, before enrolling in any type of training, we should pay attention to the trainer and the course content, carefully analyzing whether it fulfills what we are looking for and need.

I would like to thank CPRO Dr. Genilson Silva Neto for being part of my training and helping me to grow professionally,

hoping that in a short time I can be part of this family again.

Thank you very much Dr. Genilson and a big hug.”


Alexandre Mendes, Dentist





"Talking about Prof. Genilson Neto's course is a great pleasure.

It brings value ​​to every professional who wants to improve the level of their

work. After a few years I continue to follow his guidance.

A lifelong learning experience."


Lauro Diniz, Dentist




“I attended Prof. Dr Genilson Neto's Oral Rehabilitation course, of which I can only give good references. I brought assertive attitudes to the rest of my professional activity, not only learning technical excellence, but also working ergonomics, objectivity, standard of demand and human training.

I am grateful for Professor Genilson's dedication and commitment in teaching his students. "

A hug "


Paulo Cardoso Silva, Dentist





"I had the privilege, a few years ago, to attend the "fixed prosthesis improvement course" given by Prof. Dr. Genilson Neto.

Prof. Genilson is a born pedagogue, he manages to captivate us from beginning to end.

All the knowledge acquired during training was extremely relevant to my clinical practice.

I can say that, thanks to this course, I started to perform fixed prosthesis work without fear and with excellence.

To date, I am grateful for having had the opportunity to attend the course, due to the added value acquired.

Thanks Prof. Genilson Silva Neto for all the wisdom transmitted.”

Alcina Pereira, Dentist

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