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Dental Aesthetics

Dental Aesthetics in Modern Society

In a modern society, where we are inserted, aesthetics has, increasingly, a fundamental role in the individual's interpersonal relationship. A beautiful and healthy smile is still the best calling card to face the new opportunities of everyday life.

Thus, a negative perception of society to dental alterations of an individual, can bring relevant psycho-social repercussions.


For these reasons, the treatment of these patients often requires a multidisciplinary approach for their resolution.


At the Oral Prevention and Rehabilitation Clinic, we use the most modern ceramic materials, capable of imitating the structure of natural teeth, as well as state-of-the-art composites to restore the color, shape and function of the teeth involved.


This approach not only rehabilitates the patient's dental aesthetics, but also promotes a clear and significant increase in their self-esteem.

Dental Whitening (or Dental Bleaching) is one of the treatments that makes it possible to obtain whiter teeth, being able to correct, for example, teeth darkened by root canal treatments, teeth affected by the use of antibiotics or simply make the patient's natural teeth whiter.


"I just attest to the competence, professionalism and responsiveness of the services they provide me for almost 20 years."

— Victor, P



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