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What is the importance of a correct Oral Hygiene:

1.Protect teeth and gums from the onset of diseases such as cavities and gum inflammation (gingivitis);

2.Preserve the appearance of bad breath and "darkening" of teeth;

3.Preserve masticatory, phonetic and aesthetic functions;

4.Provide a healthy smile, well-being and self-esteem.

When should I schedule an appointment? The frequency of consultation must be annual. However, there are situations that may require a bi-annual control. What are the most common products I should use in my oral hygiene? -Toothbrush (manual or electric) 2x a day;

-Fluoride toothpaste;

-Dental floss;

-Interproximal brushes; Note)

A correct technical use of these products must be explained in detail by the Dentist.

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